The Rough Plan (So far….)

The Silk Road evokes images of caravans of camels, caravanserais, bazars and teahouses. Legendary cities with exotic names like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Persepolis and Palmyra. An ancient trade route stretching from Ch’ang-an (now Xian) to Constantinople (now Istanbul) that threads through some of the world’s harshest landscapes. Extreme deserts. Spectacular mountains. The name itself is full of romance, intrigue and adventure. But what does it mean today?

I’m about to find out. Embarking on an epic journey starting in Shanghai, China, onto Beijing and Xian before heading west into Central Asia. First Kyrgyzstan then into Tajikistan via the Pamir Highway, the second highest highway in the world, and on to Uzbekistan.

If all goes well I’ll then travel through Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey and then hopefully continue on overland into Europe and on to London, England.

From London I’m booked on a flight to Ushuaia, Argentina, known as the end of the world and a gateway to some of the world’s best trekking in Patagonia.

From Patagonia somehow I’ll make my way to Rio de Janerio for Carnivale in February 2015.

After that who knows. But I’m already dreaming of relaxing on the beaches in Brazil or making my way to Bolivia or Columbia. The possibilities are endless.

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4 comments on “The Rough Plan (So far….)”

  1. Brett Solomon Reply

    Way to go, Carly. Just reading your first entry, I got all excited, then thought “what do you care, you’re not going anywhere”. I then trudged off and made myself a cup of instant coffee and reflected on my upcoming holiday to the beach (sigh).

    Have a great time!!

    • Carly Reply

      Thanks Brett!!
      Hope you keep following my travels.
      Take care and enjoy that beach holiday.

  2. Liz Peach Reply

    Good on you Carly, for following your heart and living your dreams….most of us will only dare to dream in our lifetimes so people like you are a great inspiration. Stay safe and well, and I look forward to your blog updates (so that I may live vicariously through you).

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