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Unique and Unusual Uzbekistan: A Destination Guide

Ancient cities where brilliant aqua domes push towards bright blue skies, exotic and colourful markets, shared taxi adventures, cashless ATMs and black market negotiations, a fascinating history and locals who greet you with a gold-tooth smile. This is Uzbekistan and it is one of the most unique and unusual countries in the world. In September

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The Markets of Uzbekistan: A Photo Journey

The markets of Central Asia are colourful, fascinating and bursting with life and the markets of Uzbekistan are some of the best in the region.  The fresh produce is astounding from the famous pomegranates and melons to dried apricots, stuffed dates, nougat, halva, dried cheese and bread, bread, bread, and more bread. The markets of

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Glorious Samarkand – The Ultimate Silk Road City

Samarkand is perhaps the ultimate Silk Road city. A city that once sat at the crossroads of multiple trades routes leading to exotic locations such as China, India and Perisa. A city whose name is full of magic, wonder and romance. A city where brilliant aqua domes push towards clear skies. A city with some

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