I believe in following your dreams and for me right now that’s quitting my job and packing up my comfortable life in Sydney to travel around the world (again!).

Yep, it’s not my first time to take off like this. In my 20s travel was a priority and I quit 4 jobs to travel, sometimes for months at a time. But at 36 it’s a little bit more of a serious proposition and it’s definitely not been an easy decision.

For the last 6 years I’ve worked hard and established a good career. Being a born and bred Sydney girl my family (including a gorgeous nephew and an adorable niece) and close friends are here and Sydney is a wonderful place to live.

But despite all that I’ve been feeling more and more restless, and the idea of travelling for months on end again has become overwhelming.

Travel and adventure have always been my passion so I’ve decided to follow my heart and make my dream a reality.

So with only a rough plan to follow the Silk Road from China through Central Asia on to Europe, and then to South America I’m off on my biggest adventure yet.

It’s a huge undertaking as I’m planning to travel solo for the majority of the time. But I’m sure my past travels have prepared me for this trip.

You might be wondering where those past travels have taken me. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to travel to more than 50 countries. I’ve lived and worked in the ultimate ski resort, Whistler Canada and in super cool London. I’ve also backpacked solo through Eastern Europe for five months and travelled through Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt (sometimes on my own).

As an Aussie I’ve of course been to Bali and South East Asia, and one my all time favourite trips was to the island paradise of Cuba.

 I created this blog to share my love of travel and to hopefully provide some inspiration to others who dream of travelling. I’m also hoping I’ll be able to show that travelling independently and as a solo female is possible*, even in some more unusual and exotic locations.

So join me on my adventures!


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4 comments on “About”

  1. Annette Freeman Reply

    Hi Carly

    I just received your email to the travel writing group, and have STARTED to look through your blog. Already — wow!! Congrats on setting out on the adventure! I’m definitely going to browse through all your posts, though at the moment I’ve just started a trip myself — here in Bangkok I have internet access, but not so sure about the next stops, Nepal and Bhutan. (One of my questions would be how you manage to get connected in the back of beyond without dying of frustration).

    You should be SO proud of yourself for undertaking – and accomplishing – the trip alone, and I can’t wait to read about what that has involved. I suppose you’ve read Colin Thubron’s ‘Shadows of The Silk Road’, where he did the same journey a few years ago? I was very lucky to take a travel writing workshop with Colin at the recent Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. His two main hints for trips like his (and yours) were (1) travel alone; and (2) learn the language before you go!

    Enjoy your journey! There’s got to be a book in there!

    Annette Freeman (I blog at http://laviebohemetravel.com/)

    • Carly Reply

      Thanks Annette! It’s great to get your feedback and to hear from you.

      Yes, I’ve read Colin Thubron’s ‘Shadow of the Silk Road’. It’s fantastic! I absolutely love his books. I’ve been planning on re-reading it soon to see how his insights align with my experiences. You’re extremely lucky to have meet him. I wish I’d taken his advice to learn the language before you go as I’ve often felt like I’m missing something great because I can’t communicate with the locals, especially when they just start talking to you regardless of the fact you have no understanding of what they sa!.

      As for bad internet connection I’ve been dealing with that for about two months now and the only advice I can give is multi-task while yore waiting for pages to load and try to do as much offline as possible before you need to blog.

      Your trip sounds fantastic! I’ll be really interested to hear/read what you think about Bhutan, and I know you will love Nepal as it’s one of my all-time favourite countries!

      All the best

  2. Ken Reply

    Hi, Carly

    I came across your website by following the link you left in Hostel World review. Just want to say that i enjoy your articles and thanks for a few pointers for border crossing and Central Asia. My fiancee and I are taking off next month for the silk road trip too. We are pretty much having the same route as you except that we are taking Irkeshtam entering into Kyrgyzstan, and skipping Tukmenistan, ferry and Azerbaijan. We will travel all the way to London. All the best with your journey!

    • Carly Reply

      Hi Ken,
      Great to hear from you!! I’m really happy to hear you’ve liked my articles and found some useful information. I’m in the process of finishing off a destination guide for Uzbekistan which may also be helpful so keep an eye out! If you have any questions about your upcoming trip I’d be more than happy to try to help. All the best and have an amazing time, it’s an incredible journey you’ve chosen 🙂

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