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My Silk Road Adventure Ends

Arriving in Istanbul represented the end of my Silk Road adventure and it was an incredibly emotional experience for so many reasons. I first travelled to Istanbul ten years beforehand when it was my first time in the Middle East. That was an overwhelming visit where I was mesmerised by the incredible history and architecture of

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A Turkish Bath in Safranbolu

Without warning cold water was being sluiced all over me, drenching me head to toe. Not long after strong hands were roughly scrubbing months of grime from my back. Those hands belonged to a half naked local woman with enormous, pendulous breasts. Throughout this experience no English was spoken. But hang on, you’re probably wondering what

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Tehran to Turkey, A Border Crossing Tale

My epic overland adventure was about to continue. I’d already travelled from Shanghai across the vastness of China, into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, onto the dazzling blue tiled Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan, through the strange and bizarre country that is Turkmenistan and I was now in the final stages of my travels in Iran that would see

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