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My Silk Road Adventure Ends

Arriving in Istanbul represented the end of my Silk Road adventure and it was an incredibly emotional experience for so many reasons. I first travelled to Istanbul ten years beforehand when it was my first time in the Middle East. That was an overwhelming visit where I was mesmerised by the incredible history and architecture of

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Across the Mountains: Travelling the Torugart Pass From China to Kyrgyzstan

Crossing from China to Kyrgyzstan via the Torugart Pass is notoriously difficult. The pass is high (3,752m) in the Tian Shan mountains and sometimes snow closes the road. The border is also considered a special crossing with extra security needs and as a result a special permit is required, including a guide and pre-arranged transport

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The First and Greatest Pass Under Heaven: Jiayuguan (7 August – 9 August 2014)

Heading further west across China stands the ‘First and Greatest Pass Under Heaven’ set on a stony plain between two mountain ranges . A great fort which in the past marked the westernmost limits of civilisation of imperial China. Beyond the fort were tribes who harassed the Chinese empire as well as the forbidding Taklamakan

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