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Border Crossing into Uzbekistan via the Fergana Valley

I think most travellers would agree that overland border crossing days always make them slightly nervous. For me crossing into Uzbekistan was no exception and I have to admit I was more nervous than normal as Uzbekistan has a reputation for being quite bureaucratic with border requirements that are quite particular with respect to a

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Homestays and Hospitality at Lake Issyk-Kol, Kyrgyzstan

Homestays were one of my favourite experiences while traveling in Kyrgyzstan. Not only did homestays offer a unique glimpse into the lives and homes of local people they were also a fantastic opportunity to try some delicious home-cooking. My first homestay was in the small town of Karakol near Lake Issky-Kol. Lake Issky-Kol is the

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The Rough Plan (So far….)

The Silk Road evokes images of caravans of camels, caravanserais, bazars and teahouses. Legendary cities with exotic names like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Persepolis and Palmyra. An ancient trade route stretching from Ch’ang-an (now Xian) to Constantinople (now Istanbul) that threads through some of the world’s harshest landscapes. Extreme deserts. Spectacular mountains. The name itself is

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