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Hutong Love, Beijing (20 July – 26 July 2014)

I fell in love with the hutongs of Beijing immediately. Enchanting narrow streets and laneways that twist and turn to create a thoroughly confusing maze. Full of character and often where people simply live and kids play on the streets. While others are bustling with everyday shops, stalls and workshops and then a handful have

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The Rough Plan (So far….)

The Silk Road evokes images of caravans of camels, caravanserais, bazars and teahouses. Legendary cities with exotic names like Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Persepolis and Palmyra. An ancient trade route stretching from Ch’ang-an (now Xian) to Constantinople (now Istanbul) that threads through some of the world’s harshest landscapes. Extreme deserts. Spectacular mountains. The name itself is

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Where I have been…

……from Argentina to Vietnam. I’ve travelled wide and far. Here’s a little list to give you a bit of an idea. 2014: New Zealand 2013: Myanmar; Gili Islands and Bali; Koh Tao; 2012: Nepal (Annapurna) & Hong Kong; 2011: Argentina 2010: Cuba 2009: Egypt 2007-2008: Working holiday based in London, and travelled to Spain, Italy,

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